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Monthly Archives: August 2015

Learn the Guitar Notes – 6 Shortcuts

When first getting started on learning how to play guitar one of the first things you will want to is learn the guitar notes. In the beginning this can seem a little overwhelming. On a guitar with 22 frets, each fret contains 6 individual notes, for a total of 132 notes. That’s a lot to learn for a new guitar ...

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Guitar Notes and Guitar Chords

The guitar has many different parts and involves many different ways of playing it. One can play it through plucking, strumming, or picking. It is however, necessary to learn the basics of guitar playing to be able to do these. The basics of playing guitar involve learning the chords, parts of the guitar, different playing styles, guitar notes, and kinds ...

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How to Read Guitar Notes

Knowing how to read guitar notes is the basic need for anyone wanting to play songs on the guitar. It is very frustrating to be gazing at these dots on the page knowing that they are the key to making guitar music. If you have ever looked at the musical notes in a book you have possibly seen two sets ...

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Free Guitar Lessons For Beginners – Free Online Guitar

If you are thinking of taking up the guitar but don’t want to be paying the $40 per hour or whatever for an instructor then try free guitar lessons for beginners which you can find on the internet. These free lessons are ideal for the beginner to find out if they want to take the instrument more seriously as they ...

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A Guide to Guitar Lessons For Beginners – Part 1

It must be said that there is no shortage of guitar lessons for beginners available to watch or download online and this is increasingly becoming a more and more popular way to learn guitar. While I would suggest that nothing will improve you as quickly and going to a good teacher locally for private tuition, online beginner lessons would come ...

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Electric Guitar Lessons For Beginners

Before we get into Electric Guitar Lessons for Beginners here is a brief history:- The Electric guitar is the “jonny-come-lately” of the guitar world. It has only been with us for just over 70 years. For example the Acoustic and Classical guitars have been around for a long, long time – far longer than the Electric guitar. The electric guitar ...

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